Jomo Kenyatta's death in 1978 brought to an end a political career that encompassed more than 50 years of African history. Kenyatta entered politics in the mid-1920s and then spent 17 years in exile in Europe. He returned to Kenya in 1946, and was elected president of the nationalist movement, the Kenya African Union. Arrested and imprisoned in 1952 for allegedly leading ‘Mau Mau’, he was released in 1961 and two years later became Kenya's first Prime Minister. In power, the man whom European settlers had once reviled as "the leader to darkness and death" was eulogized by them as a pillar of stability, while former allies challenged him by creating a left-leaning political opposition. Kenyatta weaves archival and contemporary images with interviews with friends and relatives, comrades and opponents, to create a biographical portrait of a key figure in 20th century politics, and a case study of what Frantz Fanon called the pitfalls of nationalism as a political

force in Africa.


PARTICIPANTS (in order of appearance)

Rev. Musa Gitau

Rev. Misheck Murage

James Muigai

Peter Muigai Kenyatta

Grace Wahu

Ng’ang’a Goro

Joseph Kang’ethe

Josephat Karanja

Rebecca Njeri

Dinah Stock

T. R. Makonnen

Eliud Mathu

Sir Michael Blundell

Joseph Murumbi

Waruhiu Itote (General China)

Oginga Odinga

Tom Mboya

Dr. Njoroge Mungai

Achieng Oneko

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